Solidworks Plugin For Ansys

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Fluent imports IGES, NASTRAN, STEP, Pro/E files as far as i remember. Try gambit for modeling in Fluent.

Ansys vs solidworks

Export the file into IGES format. File Save as Change the file type to “IGES (*.igs)” Click “Options” Change the “Surface representation/System preference' from 'Standard' to 'ANSYS' Click 'ok'..

Solidworks Plugin For Ansys

Here i attach an file that i got on the web.

Ansys Vs Solidworks

  • Tem 7 d 4) 2 3) 7.3 & 7.4) CAD Package Supported Versions Reader / Plug-In VERSION NOTES: ACIS 2018 P ANSYS BladeGen1, 2 13, 14, 14.5 2018 P P 2019 P5 P6 2018 P P CATIA V4 4.2.4 P.
  • SOLIDWORKS Reader. Plug-In. Plug-In Plug-In. Reader. Plug-In. Reader. Plug-In. Reader. NX Solid Edge Reader. Plug-In. Plug-In. Plug-In. Reader. Reader. Integrated Product Data Management Connections Teamcenter 7 See ANSYS CAD Integration help for Unified Architecture 11.2 (NX 10.0 only) 7 specific requirements.
Solidworks Plugin For Ansys

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I will offer other option, instead of Gambit. My suggestion is to used ANSYS Workbench or more better option Icem CFD which represent from my point of view the best tool for mesh dedicated to CFD study (in most special).

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convert your file into neutral format and import it else
open your cad configuration in ansys than check it your solid works and other software is click on or not. if not than click on.


Answered with a tutorial:

Solidworks Plugin For Ansys

I am going to recommend something different than what some of the previous answers suggest. Additionally, I would be more focused on ANSYS, for a reason which will become evident shortly.

Import Solidworks To Ansys

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