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Super Deluxe 2,700.00 / per night. View Room Details. Nearest in the sal forest as well as teak forest Achankmar Tiger Reserve. After the release of the EPs 'Super Deluxe' and 'Hang Out' that same year, their first full-length 'Ultraphonic Hiss' came out the following year. With the eventual recruitment of former Brainiac keyboardist John Schmersal, the release of Morella's Forest second album 'From Dayton With Love' soon came about in 1998. With the styling's of 80's new wave and indie-pop maintaining a strong bond amongst the members of Morella's Forest, they wanted to introduce this sound to their home of Dayton, Ohio.

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Morella's Forest - 'Super Deluxe' (TN1029)

1. 'Hang-Out'
Where do you come from, where've I seen you?
Do you ever go downtown near the Stone MakerLane?
I know someone who reminds me of you.
Are you sure you don't hangout downtown near the Stone Maker Lane?
Do I know you, you're familiar,I've seen you here before,
where do you go when you hang out?
It took a very small glanceto see you,
because she said somehow I can't when he, uncomfortably talks too long.
Somebody else who looked just like her.

2. 'Lush of Spring'
We saw the light so sweetly.
Written upon the night completely.
Getting up on the air ofthe hill.
Your visible, dry, teary eyes.
In my heart will be.
Not tonight, tomorrow.
The rest of what Sidneysings here seems abracadabra to us... let us know what you think she sings here!
3. 'Wonder Boy'
It's easy for you just to talk.
Nothing awkward, nothing falls.
The search has lasted long.
Wehave all we need.
And i know you're mine.
Somehow i feel it all the time.
And i knowyou're mine.
We don't have to be close.
The trust is always there.
And keeps us secure.

4. 'Superstar'
Why do you take so much time?
How do you have all those shoes?
Why do you think so much?
Idon't know why, do I?
I just don't know what I'd do, if you complain anymore.
Well, I don't know what I'd do.
I don't know what I'd do if I stay here too long.
Why do you bring allthose clothes?
How come you never shut up?
Why do you get what you want?

5. 'Oceania'
Hush, your eyes.
Sleep now.
In the night light.
You're fine.
Shut your eyes.
It's late.
Think of heaven.
Your wish.
Don't be afraid.
Don't be afraid.
Take no chances.
Where we're gonna end upwe don't know.
Trying not to look up to see.
Take a blanket and wrap yourself tight.
Inthe morning it'll be alright.
Hush you'll die.
We'll be alright.
Sleep now.
Don't beafraid.
Don't beafraid.
Take no chances.
Where we're gonna end upwe don't know.
Trying not to look up to see.
Take a blanket and wrap yourself tight.
Inthe morning it'll be alright.
Think of things that'll make you laugh.
Now will pass like it never was here.
Andin the morning it'll be alright.

6. 'Fizzle Kiss'
There's a place they go.
Deep in the winter when there's tons of snow.
I imagineeverything from trees to bears.
Water creeping down the stream, the stones, glass shells.
Blue on blue, white as white.
The problems there can't touch us here.
Blue on blue, whiteas white.
Just find a place to stop and stare.
Leaving will always be the hardest part
toevery journey that has filled our lungs.
Giving to us energy that makes us strong.
Storieslayered one by one.
There's much to tell.
Blue on blue, white as white.
The problems there can't touch us here.
Blue on blue, white as white.
Just find a place to stop and stare.
To return again stirring feelings that i didn'tlet go.

7. 'Puppy Luv'
Puppy luv when your mine, puppy luv all the time.
I just took hold of you, squeezed youtight ‘til you turned blue.
When it comes to your heart.
You are here and I am there.
Tell me something new.
Tell me something new.
Tell me something different.
All the pound, in your mothertongue.
I can't get enough of your fun, fun, fun.
The restof what Sidney sings here is really hard to hear... let us know what you thinkshe sings here!
8. 'Glowing Green'

When I went home I felt all alone.
There would be sitting a bouquet of flowers.
Beneath mycard, your message was blue.
This is the time when all is forgiven, continue o-o-on.
Thereis much more than what meets the eye.
You have surprised me in every instance.
This bringsme love that's too hard to find.
This is the time when all is forgiven, continue o-o-on.
But I'm so lonely, and I'm holding tighter knowing you.
True love is a fire.

9. 'Star Gazer'

Speak softly, no words.
Shivering millions put it away.
Whatever happens inside.
Therest of what Sidney sings here... well, you know the drill, let us know what youthink she sings here!

10. 'Curl'
Hold me in your arms, I will walk with you.
Lost in a place I would rather be.
I don'tcare, I won't care to ever leave this place.
I won't care, I don't care to simply walkaway.
Bold resting charm leaves us standing still.
Just to realize now where we shouldhave been.
All along our way just didn't notice him.
Hold me in your arms, I will walk with you.

Promo photo, 2002
Background information
OriginDayton, Ohio
GenresNoise pop, shoegazing
Years active1992–2002
LabelsTooth & Nail
Associated actsJohnny Q. Public, Velour 100, Poor Old Lu

Morella's Forest was a band from Dayton, Ohio which formed in 1992. They released three albums on Tooth and Nail Records and one with an independent label. Their signature sound is noise pop or space music comparable to Starflyer 59 or the Breeders.[1]


Before signing to Tooth and Nail, Morella's Forest produced two works: a demo called Bass, and an EP entitled Bozur.[1] Their 1995 debut, Superdeluxe, was produced by Steve Hindalong (The Choir) and Chris Colbert (Fluffy). Its sound was characteristic of 1980s style new wave[2] or 1990s shoegazing.[1] Sonically it featured noisy, 'dreamy, hypnotic' melodies, and featured Bill Campbell of the Throes as a guest.[3] Morella's Forest appeared on the cover of 7ball magazine in September, 1996. Ultraphonic Hiss and From Dayton With Love were produced by Keith Cleversley. Ultraphonic features a sound which moves the band slightly away from the noise of their debut.[4]Dayton features some electronic elements—keyboard and drum machine—[1][5]and moves their sound to an even more sugary guitar based pop sound,[6] which one reviewer referred to as 'space age garage pop.'[7] Some found this sound to be lacking of 'solid melodies,'[8] while others found the voice of Sydney Rentz layered over the background lively and fluid.[7]

The band struggled with the Christian music marketplace, finding the struggle between artistic integrity and profitability hard to maintain. After a half-cancelled tour in 1996 the band reported that although they were still '100% about fashion'[9] they would direct their efforts toward the general market and emphasize a radio friendly sound.[9] They told 7ball magazine that the only way to make money was to be like dc Talk or Audio Adrenaline, and as for themselves 'We don't want to be some innovative, cool band that's doing something really weird for the Christian market.'[9]

Following their 1998 release drummer Nate McCorkle left to join the Christian rock band Johnny Q. Public.[5] The band went through several drummers and played Cornerstone sporadically, but did not generally tour.[10] In 2002 they produced an album entitled Tiny Lights of Heaven. On this album the writing responsibilities were taken by Shawn Johnson instead of long-standing writer Sydney Rentz.[11] With production help from Jesse Sprinkle their music departs a bit from their signature sound, taking a lighter and more indie pop influenced, radio friendly tone.[11][12]



  • 1995: Hang Out [EP] (Tooth & Nail)
  • 1995: Superdeluxe (Reviews: AllMusic,[2]CCM[3])
  • 1996: Ultraphonic Hiss (Review: Allmusic[4])
  • 1998: From Dayton With Love (Reviews: Youthworker,[8]Phantom Tollbooth,[6]7ball,[7]Cornerstone[13])
  • 2002: Tiny Lights of Heaven (Big Beef (US) / Endearing (CAN), Reviews: Phantom Tollbooth (4),[14]AllMusic[12])


  • Shawn Johnson – guitar (1992–2002)
  • Sydney Rentz – vocals (1992–2002)
  • Jesse Sprinkle – drums (2001–2002)
  • Joel Votaw – bass (2001–2002)
  • Christopher McCorkle – bass (1992–1998)
  • Nate McCorkle – drums (1992–1998)


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