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Password dictionaries

These are dictionaries that come with tools/worms/etc, designed for cracking passwords. As far as I know, I'm not breaking any licensing agreements by mirroring them with credit; if you don't want me to host one of these files, let me know and I'll remove it.

John the Ripperjohn.txt.bz2 (10,934 bytes)n/aSimple, extremely good, designed to be modified
Cain & Abelcain.txt.bz2 (1,069,968 bytes)n/aFairly comprehensive, not ordered
Conficker wormconficker.txt.bz2 (1411 bytes)n/aUsed by conficker worm to spread -- low quality
500 worst passwords500-worst-passwords.txt.bz2 (1868 bytes)n/a
370 Banned Twitter passwordstwitter-banned.txt.bz2 (1509 bytes)n/a

Leaked passwords

Passwords that were leaked or stolen from sites. I'm hosting them because it seems like nobody else does (hopefully it isn't because hosting them is illegal :)). Naturally, I'm not the one who stole these; I simply found them online, removed any names/email addresses/etc (I don't see any reason to supply usernames -- if you do have a good reason, email me ( and I'll see if I have them.

The best use of these is to generate or test password lists.


Note: The dates are approximate.

Rockyourockyou.txt.bz2 (60,498,886 bytes)n/a2009-12Best list available; huge, stolen unencrypted
Rockyou with countrockyou-withcount.txt.bz2 (59,500,255 bytes)n/a
phpbbphpbb.txt.bz2 (868,606 bytes)n/a2009-01Ordered by commonness
Cracked from md5 by Brandon Enright
(97%+ coverage)
phpbb with countphpbb-withcount.txt.bz2 (872,867 bytes)n/a
phpbb with md5phpbb-withmd5.txt.bz2 (4,117,887 bytes)n/a
MySpacemyspace.txt.bz2 (175,970 bytes)n/a2006-10Captured via phishing
MySpace - with countmyspace-withcount.txt.bz2 (179,929 bytes)n/a
Hotmailhotmail.txt.bz2 (47,195 bytes)n/aUnknownIsn't clearly understood how these were stolen
Hotmail with counthotmail-withcount.txt.bz2 (47,975 bytes)n/a
Faithwritersfaithwriters.txt.bz2 (39,327 bytes)n/a2009-03Religious passwords
Faithwriters - with countfaithwriters-withcount.txt.bz2 (40,233 bytes)n/a
Elitehackerelitehacker.txt.bz2 (3,690 bytes)n/a2009-07Part of zf05.txt
Elitehacker - with countelitehacker-withcount.txt.bz2 (3,846 bytes)n/a
Hak5hak5.txt.bz2 (16,490 bytes)n/a2009-07Part of zf05.txt
Hak5 - with counthak5-withcount.txt.bz2 (16,947 bytes)n/a
Älypääalypaa.txt.bz2 (5,178 bytes)n/a2010-03Finnish passwords
alypaa - with countalypaa-withcount.txt.bz2 (6,013 bytes)n/a
Facebook (Pastebay)facebook-pastebay.txt.bz2 (375 bytes)n/a2010-04Found on Pastebay;
appear to be malware-stolen.
Facebook (Pastebay) - w/ countfacebook-pastebay-withcount.txt.bz2 (407 bytes)n/a
Unknown porn siteporn-unknown.txt.bz2 (30,600 bytes)n/a2010-08Found on No clue where they originated, but clearly porn site.
Unknown porn site - w/ countporn-unknown-withcount.txt.bz2 (31,899 bytes)n/a
Ultimate Strip Club Listtuscl.txt.bz2 (176,291 bytes)n/a2010-09Thanks to Mark Baggett for finding!
Ultimate Strip Club List - w/ counttuscl-withcount.txt.bz2 (182,441 bytes)n/a
[Facebook Phished]facebook-phished.txt.bz2 (14,457 bytes)n/a2010-09Thanks to Andrew Orr for reporting
Facebook Phished - w/ countfacebook-phished-withcount.txt.bz2 (14,941 bytes)n/a (8,936 bytes)n/a2010-05 - w/ (9,774 bytes)n/a (50,697 bytes)n/a2010-10 - w/ (52,884 bytes)n/a
Unnamed financial site(reserved)(reserved)2010-12
Unnamed financial site - w/ count(reserved)(reserved)
Gawker - w/ count(reserved)(reserved) w/count(reserved)(reserved) (second time hacked)(reserved)(reserved)2010-12 w/count (second time hacked)(reserved)(reserved)


I did some tests of my various dictionaries against the different sets of leaked passwords. I grouped them by the password set they were trying to crack:

Miscellaneous non-hacking dictionaries

These are dictionaries of words (etc), not passwords. They may be useful for one reason or another.

Englishenglish.txt.bz2 (1,368,101 bytes)n/aMy combination of a couple lists, from Andrew Orr, Brandon Enright, and Seth
Germangerman.txt.bz2 (2,371,487 bytes)n/aCompiled by Brandon Enright
American citiesus_cities.txt.bz2 (77,081 bytes)n/aGenerated by RSnake
'Porno'porno.txt.bz2 (7,158,285 bytes)n/aWorld's largest porno password collection!
Created by Matt Weir
Honeynethoneynet.txt.bz2 (889,525 bytes)n/aFrom a honeynet run by Joshua Gimer
Honeynet - w/ counthoneynet-withcount.txt.bz2 (901,868 bytes)n/a
File locationsfile-locations.txt.bz2 (1,724 bytes)n/aPotential logfile locations (for LFI, etc).
Thanks to Seth!
Fuzzing strings (Python)fuzzing-strings.txt.bz2 (276 bytes)n/aThanks to Seth!
PHPMyAdmin locationsphpmyadmin-locations.txt.bz2 (304 bytes)n/aPotential PHPMyAdmin locations.
Thanks to Seth!
Web extensionsweb-extensions.txt.bz2 (117 bytes)n/aCommon extensions for Web files.
Thanks to dirb!
Web mutationsweb-mutations.txt.bz2 (177 bytes)n/aCommon 'mutations' for Web files.
Thanks to dirb!

DirBuster has some awesome lists, too -- usernames and filenames.

Facebook lists

These are the lists I generated from this data. Some are more useful than others as password lists. All lists are sorted by commonness.

If you want a bunch of these, I highly recommend using the torrent. It's faster, and you'll get them all at once.

Full namesfacebook-names-unique.txt.bz2 (479,332,623 bytes)n/a2010-08
Full names - w/ countfacebook-names-withcount.txt.bz2 (477,274,173 bytes)n/a
First namesfacebook-firstnames.txt.bz2 (16,464,124 bytes)n/a2010-08
First names - w/ countfacebook-firstnames-withcount.txt.bz2 (73,134,218 bytes)n/a
Last namesfacebook-lastnames.txt.bz2 (21,176,444 bytes)n/a2010-08
Last names - w/ countfacebook-lastnames-withcount.txt.bz2 (21,166,232 bytes)n/a
First initial last namesfacebook-f.last.txt.bz2 (67,110,776 bytes)n/a2010-08
First initial last names - w/ countfacebook-f.last-withcount.txt.bz2 (66,348,431 bytes)n/a
First name last initialfacebook-first.l.txt.bz2 (37,463,798 bytes)n/a2010-08
First name last initialfacebook-first.l-withcount.txt.bz2 (36,932,295 bytes)n/a
Retrieved from ''

Brute forcing is an essential part of hacking – it is the last resort, it offers hope and sometimes, it just works! Have you ever wanted to code a small script that would bruteforce email servers for you?

Common Password List Txt

It is imperative to remember that our brute forcing efforts are only as great as our password list, and as such, the list must be chosen with care. That said, first and foremost, we need to import the two modules we will need from Python. Next, we need to gather both the path to the password list and the Gmail address we wish to break using command line arguments as follows:

The sys.argv line will collect both the Gmail address and password list from command line. For instance:

In this instance:

Now, let's initiate a connection with the server. Obviously, you can replace the address of the server with that of yahoo's or even Hotmail's as you please. For instance, to bruteforce yahoo, the smtp server must be set to “” and the port to 587. This is done as follows:

Next, we need a function that will attempt logins. We can do this using a try-except block. That is to say, we will tell the function to try a command, and if it throws an exception, catch it with the except block. We do that as follows:

Lastly, we loop the try-except block to cover ever word in the word list as follows:

Though there are thousands of scripts out there to brute force smtp servers, coding one in Python is a two minute job. Do remember that when you brute force an smtp server, you must use a VPN to avoid being blacklisted.

The whole code would look like this:

Gmail password list txt download

Happy Hacking!!

[Editor's Note/Disclaimer: Information in the above article was for education and ethical hacking practices]

Gmail Password Recovery

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