Erec Tech 1000 Otc Manually Operated Vacuum Pump

OTC Pain Management; Paper Supplies. Post-t-vac erec-tech 1000 manual operated vacuum erection device. Add to Wishlist. Scrotal Shields are used by men who experience pulling of the scrotal tissue or pubic hair while use an erection vacuum pump. The Stamen Scrotal Shield may be used with the Erec-Tech or any ED. Can't find an item or have a special request? Call Customer Service at 1-800-860-8027. Cardinal Health at-Home and Cardinal Health at-Home Mfr. Cannot guarantee the accuracy of HCPCS codes and Medicare Allowable/Guidelines that appear on this Web site.

Erec tech 1000 otc manually operated vacuum pump replacement

The Erec-Tech vacuum therapy system, the non-surgical approach to the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED), is an external method of achieving a full, strong erection suitable for sexual intercourse.

This treatment is recommended as a first step for erectile dysfunction. The Erec-Tech will produce instant, controllable, and predictable results at the lowest cost of any therapy.

The Erec-Tech offers an easy solution that will work for almost any man regardless of the cause of his erectile dysfunction. We look forward to helping all patients bring intimacy and a healthy sex life back into their relationship.

Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction and vacuum therapy systems have progressed over the years. Its become evident that the older systems are hard to use and uncomfortable for patients. Erec-Tech is very simple for patients to use it will always produce comfortable and suitable erections for the patient.

ManuallyErec-tech 1000 otc manually operated vacuum pump

The Erec-Tech System offers:

  • Erection on Demand
  • Simple and Easy To Use
  • Comfortable Soft-Gel Tension Systems with Easy Loader
  • Penile Rehabilitation and Improved Treatment Outcomes
  • The Best Treatment Results Possible (98% effective)
  • Total Patient Treatment Program
  • Medicare and Insurance Reimbursement Specialists


Erec Tech 1000 Otc Manually Operated Vacuum Pump Parts

  • Stamen Medical has developed the newest systems with all of the best features of the other vacuum erection systems.
  • The manually operated system (M.O.S.) includes an extremely durable pump head and cylinder.

Erec Tech 1000 Otc Manually Operated Vacuum Pump Replacement

$495.00 w/o Ins
$99.95* w/ Ins

Erec Tech 1000 Otc Manually Operated Vacuum Pumps

Designed with state of the art technology, the Erec-Tech is durable and incredibly easy to use. The Erec-Tech will provide you with an immediate erection. Innovative Cylinder design allows the base of the cylinder to fit comfortably against your body. Custom fitting cushion inserts allow you to adjust the opening of the cylinder to provide a perfect, custom fit. The Stamen Easy Loader uses patented technology and design features to make loading the Tension Systems completely effortless. Discreet carrying case holds the Erec-Tech and all accessories. Includes Instructional DVD, User's Manual with easy, step-by-step instructions, a variety of custom fitting Ultimate Tension Systems, the Stamen Easy Loader, Loading Cone, Medical Grade removable cylinder for easy cleaning, cushion inserts, Personal sealing gel and discreet carrying case. Lifetime Warranty.

Erec Tech 1000 Otc Manually Operated Vacuum Pump Valve

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Erec-tech 1000 Otc Manually Operated Vacuum Pump

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