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I've been trying tirelessly to get the x86 version of FreeNAS to work on my PowerPC G4 Mac Mini off a USB flash drive.
I followed the instructions provided by FreeNAS and succeeded in extracting the .xz file using Keka and everything worked in Terminal according to the instructions except when I go to operate the dd command--it just sits there and nothing ever finishes. I tried using Disk Utility to restore the flash drive with the .img file, but Disk Utility says 'Restore Failure Could not validate source - invalid argument' If I try to mount the .img the mounter says it can't be mounted, no mountable file systems. I've tried using a 4 GB flash drive and a 16 GB flash drive with one GUID partition.
Since that method wouldn't work, I decided to try a CD. I downloaded the .iso file and checked the hash to confirm it, everything appears to be fine. Disk Utility will burn the .iso to a CD, but when I put it in my Mac Mini to boot it doesn't work. System Preferences doesn't list it as a bootable CD in the Startup Disk settings. If I try to mount the .iso file to my Mac mini it does mount.
I have tried following FreeNAS's instructions multiple times both on my MacMini and my MacBook Pro (which is x64, but gives me the same issues, even if I try using the x64 version on the MacBook pro to install FreeNAS on it).
In summary, neither the .img or .iso for x86 or x64 will work for me on my MacBook Pro or Macmini using a 4 GB flash drive or a 16 GB flash drive--I've tried every combination more than once. And yes, I've checked the hash on everything to make sure it's uncorrupted.
I've read a couple of posts where people had similar issues, but none of the solutions seemed relevant to my situation. I also tried the IRC, but no one seemed able to help me.
Any help would be extremely appreciated!

After making a backup of a SD Card, and trying to restore it using 'Disk Utility' you may have some issues during the process like: Error: Could not validate source - Invalid argument. To solve this, there is this 3 step process that you can perform in the terminal. In case of Mac file corruption resulting in Disk Utility Could Not Validate Source Error 254 complications, follow this: Search and launch “Disk Utility” Click on “check file system”option Wait till the scanning process gets over. OS X V10.7 Lion:: Could Not Validate Source Apr 29, 2012. Disk utility is a such a pain because whenever i try to restore a partition on my usb flash drive it greets me with an annoying message 'restore failure' 'could not validate source'?So in my thinking i choose to scan the image for restore? Info: MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3). In such cases it becomes necessary to fix could not validate source error 254 in Mac. The presence of error shows that ISO is damaged and Mac is not able to validate at the time of writing on thumb drive. In such situations, if you have the source files still present whose ISO is created then simple make a new ISO and delete the older one. Could Not Write Installation Information to Disk. This message usually shows up as a sheet that drops down from the macOS or OS X installer shortly after you start the install process. It may seem odd but the usual cause is a corrupt installer, and simply deleting the installer app and downloading a new copy will likely fix the issue.

Disk Utility Could Not Validate Source Within

The boot drive of my MacBook Pro is playing up. I am trying to make a copy of the drive using Disk Utility in my Mac Mini. I have the old 1TB boot drive in an external Firewire enclosure and a new 1TB drive in a USB enclosure. I selected the new drive in Disk Utility and selected Restore. I then chose the old drive as the source but I then get the following messages:

Validating target...

Validating source...

The volume on device '/dev/disk4' is not of type Apple_HFS or Apple_UFS

Could not validate source - Device not configured

Disk Utility Restore

Operation failed…

I have tried with the old 'Macintosh HF' both mounted and unmounted. I also ran First Aid on the old drive and it checked out.

If this is a boot drive from a MacBook Pro, why isn't it of type Apple_HFS? Note that when I run First Aid it says it is 'Journaled HFS Plus'.

Disk Utility Could Not Validate Source - Error 254

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2010), OS X Mavericks (10.9.5)

Disk Utility Could Not Validate Source - Invalid Argument