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Dice 206751 driver

This is a customer solution of how-to’s of Volvo Vida/Dice on Macbook pro 13 laptop. BIG THANKS for share. Copy here for education.

Dice 206751 driver

DiCE-200000000 - Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)4. To resolve issues with.NET Framework, follow this optional procedure: 4a. Hi, friends!I would like to share with you how to solve 'No communication' problem with your VOLVO VIDA DICE software. There should be a sub level DiCE-206751 If you have another computer, you could install DiCE software only and test it, but the result would probably be the same. Hope you get it fixed/replaced.

“I have been mucking around with installing Vida ever since I bought a faulty Macbook Pro 13” A1278 six months ago. Someone had spilt coffee on the keyboard and given up on it – hadn’t even opened it up and tried to dry it out. So total rebuild with new keyboard and battery. I had to drill out 5 or six screws due to corrosion (there are 52 00 phillips screws attaching it to the top case into which everything is built) so, as I couldn’t drill and tap these when the new keyboard went in they were left out. Fitting the new power switch – part of the keyboard unit- is tricky and the whole task took me about ten hours because I am careful and slow. However it was worth it as I had a perfect result! However that is all by the way because I find the real value of the Mac is that it makes very short work of installing any alternative OS and so far I haven’t had a failure.

Installing VIDA or the earlier Vidas was a terrible experience on Windows and I’m not setting out to rubbish Windows. It is just a simple fact that the normal installation requires all the DVD files to be copied over to the C:Vida location and this really takes hours! I feel confident that using some kind of VM in windows will help installation of Vida for one thing it will allow Vida to think it is the only application installed but sufficient RAM is a must. I am going to try this as my next project and will report back.

Mac excels at doing this in an acceptable time. So far I have tried 2011D and 2012A and they both install successfully in about an hour or less, usually much less. I have tried Parallels desktop as this is said by its devotees to work better than VM Ware. The great thing about Paralles is that from the Advanced menu you can change settings about how RAM is divided between native OS and Virtual. There must be enough to do this of course. On My iMac I can allow Win 7 2+ GB RAM and OS X still runs with 1.9GB RAM.

There is a clean download complete with serial numbers for versions 7 and 8 here:


Dice 206751


I find if you have installed version 7 and registered you are pestered to upgrade – you can avoid doing so (there are no advantages to having v8 that I can see) by closing the upgrade dialogue box which asks “do you want to do this later” clicking YES which allows 7 to proceed fully functionally.


On the subject of DICE unit. Dice hardware is pug-n-play via the USB port. The first time you connect it do the following, plug the dice car-to-dice connector into the OBD port and then with Windows 7/XP and Vida running at initial screen ie logged in, plug USB connector in. Provided you have setup Windows Firewall to allow connections to and from Internet (and have not got “little snitch” in OS X preventing this) then the Dice Usb drivers Published by SETEK AB will be downloaded and installed: they are Dice 2.99MB Version 6.1.9 and Usb driver 96.0KB V6.1.0 This is the latest firmware and takes a few moments to download and install. Doing so will change the box on the top of Vida to show dice installed and the Diagnostics tab will then no longer be ghosted or greyed out.

If you navigate to Windows/ Control Panel/ Programs/ Programs and Features you can see that these are correctly installed and you will also have Windows driver package SETEK AB listed in my case with 2012A it is Version 05/13/2008

By accident I discovered that even IE 9 will see Vida although the login screen is sometimes slow to show. This is because IE 9 default is to block Java accessing the Local host – it should throw a pop up menu to confirm or change this but either the popup blocker prevents this, another default, or IE remains in the forground hiding it. The other issues with IE 9 are the defaulting into MSN home screen and loading Bing and other toolbars, asking to confirm IE as default and choosing protected mode etc. All these get in the way of Vida installation. I found going to Internet Settings and selecting default to “blank page” got round this and then, in IE I killed the IE popup window by selecting “Ask me later”. If VIDA home screen doesn’t show after 30 seconds try refreshing the page.


The Login for 2012A is Admin” not “1” as 2011D it is just the way the script was written. Go to Define Vehicle Profile and top left is Communication tool with a drop down menu – I ‘ve got DiCE-206751- to the right is says Dice Configuration which allows you to update firmware test communication tool or remove it; underneath is Read Vehicle, click it and this will show a small box with a green animation in progress, it will lead to WSL login, kill that page and you see the various electronic diagnostics being read. If it doesn’t work it will say Not possible to read information from the vehicle. Possible cause Ignition is off (you need position II) Vehicle older than 1999. Problems with CT or cables to vehicle. Problems with CT and PC. Faults in the vehicle CAN. Non programed of faulty ECU.

By the way to uninstall IE 9 and to use IE 8 just go to Start- Control Panel – Programs – Programs And Features.

Dice 206751 Driver

  1. In the pane on the left click View Installed Updates.

2.Find and right click the IE9 Update. Left click Uninstall. Follow the prompts from there.

I like to change the default inWindows Update to just notify me and I will choose. This prevents automatic upgrade to IE 9 again.


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