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A. O. Smith Water Heater delivers industry-leading water heating solutions for most every application. With gas, electric, tankless, and hybrid water heater options available, A. O. Smith has a water heater to meet your hot water needs—big or small.

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Smith Water Heaters Innovation has a name. When it comes to high efficiency water heaters, no one comes close to matching the expertise and innovation of A. Smith.Whether you need a gas, an electric, or a tankless water heater, the inventive minds at A. Smith have one waiting for you. View all water heaters. For example,.H06. indicates that the water heater was manufactured in August 2006. Smith acquired State Industries, a manufacturer of about two dozen different water heater brands, and moved all manufacturing of residential water heaters under the A.O. Smith umbrella to the State facility. Smith ProLine water heaters are available through local plumbing contractors across the country. For more information about ProLine water heaters and installation options, visit

While a little expensive, A.O.Smith hot water heaters are of excellent value, last a long time with little maintenance necessary. Want to find out if A.O.Smith is the right brand for you? Take a further read of this guide.

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A. O. Smith

AO Smith company is a leader in water heating industry that is in HVAC business for over 70 years. The company is well known for the quality and innovation in energy efficiency and tank protection, such as the glass lining, AO Smith’s patented process, that is now a standard in the water heating industry.

AO Smith is the owner of several popular brands that are present on the market today: State, Reliance, Maytag, American, GSW, and John Wood.

A. O. Smith Water Heater Reviews

We present to you, the A.O. Smith Water Heater Reviews. You can’t talk water heaters without mentioning A.O. Smith.

This company is responsible for a large percentage of the innovations that have made modern water heaters so efficient. In addition, they have expanded to become leaders in electric, gas, tankless, and even solar water heaters.

Best A.O Smith Water Heater Reviews

It would take a small book to review all of A.O. Smith’s top quality models, so instead, we’ll give you a good overview of the product lines and a comparison between some of the best from each type of water heater.

A.O Smith Gas Water Heater Reviews

Gas heaters make up the largest group of heaters, and there are several quality lines to choose from. A.O. Smith divides their gas (and propane) heaters into three ProLine tiers. The third tier, ProLine XE, contains several product lines, while the other tiers contain only one line each.


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A.O. Smith strives to maximise efficiency and quality. As a result, all of their gas heaters have LEED ratings, and many are ENERGY STAR certified. All have either low NOx or ultra-low NOx emissions and four different venting options are available.

  • Polaris
  • ProLine and ProLine Master
  • Signature
  • Vertex

A.O Smith Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Several tankless models are available for gas and propane usage. As with all A.O. Smith gas models, these are low NOx or ultra-low NOx for improved environmental safety.


Tankless systems fit into much smaller spaces and can provide hot water on-demand. Most models offer remote control, and some of the newest models have digital displays.

  • Gas and Propane
  • Hybrid Gas/Propane

A.O Smith Electric Water Heater Reviews

As with the gas models, electric water heaters are available in three tiers, with the ProLine XE being subdivided into two lines.


Using environmentally friendly materials, A.O. Smith’s electric water heaters are all LEED certified and offer superior efficiency to older models. Their ability to draw power from outlets allows for tiny point-of-use models that can fit into tight spaces.

  • ProLine and ProLine Master
  • ProLine XE
  • Signature
  • Voltex

A. O. Smith Customer Service Contact

Official website:

A. O. Smith Water Heater Parts

If you wish to purchase an A.O. Smith unit, you can do this through its official website, You can also find a wide range of choices on Amazon.

A. O. Smith Water Heater Age

To get your A.O Smith water age and manufacturing date, you should follow the instruction below. Based on your device’s serial number, the manufacturing date is easy to determine:

Manufacturing date of my device

  • The first two digits of the serial number are related to the manufacture year of the device
  • The next two digits are related to the manufacture week

The serial number can be found on the identification sticker on the device.

A. O. Water Heater Warranty

To get your AO Smith water heater warranty, Please contact your local distributor for further follow up. The original rating plate and installation documents have to be provided at all times. A.O. Smith will reserve the right to inspect faulty water heaters and / or parts at site, at distributor warehouse or at plant in Veldhoven for further research and product improvement. Chere Here For A.O Smith Water Heater Warranty

Warranty category I

Product series: EES, EQ(H), TWI
Download warranty conditions | Category I

Warranty category II

Download warranty conditions | Category II

Ao Smith Heater Age

Warranty category IV

Product series: Collectors
Download warranty conditions | Category IV

Warranty category V

Product series: Pump stations, Smart Display, PHE (plate heat exchanger)
Download warranty conditions | Category V

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Warranty category VI

Product series: Innovo, ICW
Download warranty conditions | Category VI

A.O. Smith Water Softeners

Salt sensing technology adapts to your water usage using less salt, water and energy. Self-cleaning pre-filters mean you’ll never change a filter—ever. Quick and quiet regeneration, and power loss protection to save your settings. When you have hard water, we’ve got you covered. Use an A. O. Smith water softener. Check on Amazon

A.O Smith vs Rheem Water Heater

Rheem and AO Smith are two of the most popular water heater companies in the US. Both offer a wide range of different water heaters for smaller and bigger households and models that are powered both by electricity and gas. But, which one is the best for you?

Generally, AO Smithheaters are the choice of plumbers and can’t be readily found for purchase – you need to go through wholesalers. That said, they are of a very high-quality and should last you a while. AO Smith offers a 10-year warranty on most models, which is unmatched by some rivals. AO Smith also has a very extensive portfolio of heaters and it should be easy to find one that fits your needs best.

Rheem, on the other hand, is available to the general public. They also offer a comprehensive variety of different water heaters and are known to be of very high quality and very practical as well. However, while AO Smith is known for its customer service, Rheem is not. This is very important for water heaters, as you wouldn’t want to be left without warm water for longer than one day.

Overall, AO Smith is probably the better choice, but only by a fraction. You should still be well served by Rheem if you take care of it regularly.